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3 Niche Social Networks for Musicians

As social media becomes bigger, badder, and more important than ever for brand recognition, it’s a near requirement for artists to be on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. After that, it’s never a bad idea to be on instagram, bandcamp, and (yes, still) myspace. But there are still social media outlets beyond these well-known powerhouses that are effective marketing tools. While facebook likes, twitter followers, and youtube subscribers are great measures of marketing success, it’s never going to hurt to have your brand on the lesser known digital avenues as well. In fact, interacting in an authentic fashion on these more alternative social networks might even give you more benefit than shouting to the masses the big guys.

Why? Let’s find out…

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 3.42.37 PM1. REDDIT –

Read What?
Reddit, dawg! If you’ve never heard of Reddit, it’s a website with roughly 81 million unique visitors per month. On Reddit, visitors post comments in various discussion threads or, “subreddits” that pertain to their interests which then go to their front page as they are up-voted and down-voted.

So why don’t people market with it?
Part of the problem is that it’s actually really difficult. There isn’t a set formula that has really been proven to gain traction on Reddit. It’s tough to predict what posts or topics will be deemed relevant by “Redditors”, stir up conversation, up-voted and down-voted. There’s also zero advertising on Reddit, so you can’t pay your way to success here. You’ll notice that there are no ads on the entire site.

How can you use it?
If you’re looking for more fan activation, Reddit has something called an AMA, which stands for ‘Ask Me Anything.’ It’s essentially an online forum that allows your fans to ask questions and you, the artist to answer back directly. It allows for a great deal of fan interaction without having to spend a lot of time, energy, or straight CA$H money, homie.


2. VINE –

Vineders Keepers?
The wonderful mobile application, Vine, is brought to you by the developers of the infamous Twitter. Much like Twitter, Vine allows its users to post content, comment on said posts, #hashtag said posts and “follow” other users. However, instead of “tweets” Vine users upload 6 second videos via its extremely easy to use video recording interface.

So why don’t people market with it?
It’s the new kid in school sitting at the lunch table by their lonesome because this particular school is very clicky and no one is quite sure what to make of that smell. Its parents smoke inside the house…not their fault.

How can you use it?
Like any social media platform, Vine is made up of active users who post content to interact, so interact with them! The beauty of social media for artists is it allows their fans to connect with them instantly and Vine is no different. However, there are only TWO types of Vine content that you, the artist, should EVER post: 1) Funny & Clever2) Artistic & Beautiful. Do not use Vine merely for news updates about your band, or I’ll find you. I’ll…Vine…you-no, sorry.


3. Snapchat –

Sounds like something that Happens in Vegas and Stays In Vegas….
Let me break down Snapchat for you: I take a picture or video on my phone. I send it to you (or a group of yous) with a 1 to 10 second time limit for view-ability that I determine. After the time limit is up, the picture or video is gone forever. Breakdown complete!

So why don’t people market with it?
Another new kid in school. Not a lot of people know about it, and many of the artists that do are unsure how it can be used to market their brand. It’s not a tool that comes to mind when you think about social media marketing and it’s difficult to incorporate into a marketing plan. However, it can be a great tool when utilized properly.

How can you use it?
Snapchat is realtime, one-on-one private communication, and gives you the ability to talk directly to any of your followers. Not to mention, Snapchat’s newly added a feature called Snapchat Stories now allows people to see your past snapchat videos in a collage. In fact, Snapchat has already used three bands to launch the project. A video timeline of the last few weeks would be an excellent way to allow fans to keep up with your ongoing tour.


Summary Disclaimer: Obviously there are a plethora of social networks out there today. Some may stand the test of time, while others will fade away into the land of VH1 Specials and the digital equivalent to the dollar bin at Walmart. It’s near impossible to be an appropriately engaging and active participant in more than 3 of these at any given time, so chose your networks wisely based on what makes your and your fans different. Pick a tool you know you can use comfortably and consistently, dig in, and own it.

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