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The Complete Digital Marketing Tools Suite [LIST]

The digital marketing landscape is always changing. We all know this, right? And if you aren’t changing with it, someone is going to do it better. At 12SM, we’re always looking for new tools and ways to accomplish our goals. We take pride in being “platform agnostic”, which is a buzzwordy way of saying we’re always open to different …

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Blogging 101

Today, we’re writing about writing. That’s right. It’s about to get meta. Blogging is a central style of content in today’s digital marketing world. It’s an integral part of most inbound marketing strategies, and making sure your team is putting their best foot forward is crucial for success.

12South Marketing Talks Marketing BUZZWORDS

Buzzwords: Every industry has them, some positive, some over used, some make you laugh and some sound like nails on a chalkboard.  People also have their own buzzwords we either inherited from our family and friends or make up ourselves.  Personally, my favorite is “whiggin out” which my mom always emphasizes when she is stressed out. …

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The Guide to a Proper EPK

“Hey, slow it down whataya want from me.” When you are representing yourself independently, what is the proper way to approach sending professional information (a.k.a your “artist resume”) to people in the industry? The simplest answer is to just send your EPK along with a well-written email, but what’s this whole electronic press kit (EPK) thing all …

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