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12South Marketing Talks Marketing BUZZWORDS

Buzzwords: Every industry has them, some positive, some over used, some make you laugh and some sound like nails on a chalkboard.  People also have their own buzzwords we either inherited from our family and friends or make up ourselves.  Personally, my favorite is “whiggin out” which my mom always emphasizes when she is stressed out. I have now begun to use that one; the apple doesn’t fall far.

As fun as it is to laugh at our own personal buzzwords, I want to jump into some buzzwords that we use all the time at 12South Marketing.  There are some inbound marketing ones, music industry ones, and funny office jargon that we throw around from time to time.  Let’s take a “deep dive” (our CEO, Michael’s, favorite) into buzzwords!



Low Hanging Fruit – Sounds yummy right? “Low hanging fruit” are the opportunities that are right in front of you and relatively easy to capitalize on or complete. So go after those first!


Nurture – When referring to leads or potential customers, you can’t go from 0 to 60 after only one touch point with them…you’ll scare them away. Make sure they are getting content specific to their needs at specific times during the week to lead them down the marketing funnel into being sales ready.


Referrals – The best way to gain new fans of your brand! No matter what industry you’re in, word of mouth can do wonders to help or hinder your business so make sure your first to your last impressions are top notch. Leads from referrals are FOUR times more likely to become customers than someone who has never heard of you before.


Push Back – This is what we call someone who is getting cold feet.  Whether it be about making a purchase or signing a contract with a company, when a person “pushes back” they try to find an excuse to back out.


Going Negative – The response to someone who is “pushing back” is to then agree with them. “We really dig your work and love the ambition you have, but it looks like you’re just not ready for this major contract. Have your priorities changed?” This then bounces the ball right back to their court to decide if they are in or they are out.


Smarketing – Sale + Marketing = Smarketing. You’ve probably seen this word pop up in other blogs, but I’m going to throw it back in this one for more emphasis. Getting your sales and marketing teams on the same page is super important to keep everything consistent across the board with your approach to doing business.


Delight & Excite – Two of our favorite words at 12South. Always make sure to excite your potential customers and keep the existing ones delighted and coming back for more.  It’s just that simple!



Niche – Define your specific target market and go after it…claim what you’re good at and who you attract well as your niche.


Case Study – Find someone or something that is doing what you are trying to accomplish already and use them as a case study to see what to do and what not to do with launching a campaign. You can also take a past project or client that has done really well and showcase them on your website as a case study for your great services.


Special Sauce – Specifically for us at 12South, this is our 3 part blog series that walks you through our process of Inbound Marketing.


  1. The Best New Music Marketing Strategy
  2. Turn Visitors into Fans
  3. How to Create Engaging Content


Kudos – No not the chocolate bars we used to love but giving someone a thumbs up for coming to a meeting prepared.



SMART Goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound goals.  These are your business goals but deeper than just words. Get granular with numbers, growth rates, percentages, time lines etc.


MVP – Minimum Viable Product.  A website is always going to be evolving and developing as you hone in on your brand.  However, no one will have any idea of that awesome brand if they can’t find it anywhere. An MVP is the foundation of a website which goes live in order to give you a presence in cyberspace while you continue to edit and build.


GDD – Growth Driven Design. Exactly how it sounds…growth of your brand over time in order to keep things relevant, fresh, and working for your fans and you.


Giphy – Everyone knows what a giphy is, but the 12South employees take them to a whole new level. It’s basically the only way we communicate with each other. You have to have fun at work right?!



I hope this was a little entertainment for your day, but also shed light on some of the buzzwords we use and find in daily Inbound Marketing.

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